How to create & update an Adobe admin account?

!Note this functionality has been removed from the platform with changes implemented with Release 120.


A prerequisite for placing Adobe orders is for the customer to have registration within the Adobe system. The registration is displayed on the platform in the field Admin Account. 

When purchasing Adobe offers for the first time, customers can create their Admin Account right as they configure the offer: from "Action" should be chosen "Create admin account". When the form is filled in and ready for registration, check "Submit account details".


To update account details (such as admin contacts, or address) from the Action dropdown, you need to select "Update admin account".

1. If your Adobe registration fails (due to an invalid address, details, or attempt for second registration), the Response filed will return an error message.


2. Success response takes around a minute and would return the customer number.


After receiving the customer number, the page should be refreshed and the Admin Account dropdown filled with Admin email. Customers can now place an order: to order or preview prices, keep Action "Place order". 

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