How to re-post Business Central invoices?

1. Create a credit memo for old sales invoice:
- Go to “posted Sales Invoices”:

- Chose the old invoice to be credited

- Click on “Create Corrective Credit Memo”

- Click Posting / Post

- Now the “Remaining Amount” column should have a value of 0

2. Go to Sales & Receivables / Process/Billing Headers. Click on “EDIT LIST” (make if active if not)

3. Change the relevant invoice status to “NEW”

4. For Sales Invoices only: delete the invoice no in column “NAV DOC No”

5. Process Documents. You will get the message that the purchase invoice with the same platform number already exists:

6. From “NAV DOC No” column, click on 3 dots, edit the purchase invoice no (field Vendor Invoice no.): add a letter or another symbol to the existing number

7. Post Documents.

Note: in Sales & Receivables you will now only see the new purchase and sales invoices


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