How to monitor automatic sending of sales documents?

I. Monitoring “Email Sales Documents” job

1. Open the page “Job Queue Entries” and find the job “Email Sales Documents”

2. Make sure the status is “Ready”

3. If the status is “Error” investigate the last run error clicking on “Show Error” action 

4. To make job run next time after error occurred set status of job to “On Hold”

5. Open the “Codeunit ∙ 50102 ∙ Email Sales Documents” job card clicking on the status of the job

6. Set the “Earliest Start Date/Time” field to next day and time to 01:00

7. Set status to “Ready” clicking to “Process”/ ”Set Status to Ready” action 

II. Analysis of automatic sending

1. Open “Sales & Receivables Setup” page:blobid3.png

2. Click on the “Related” / “Email Logs” action

3. On the “Email Log Headers” page you can see results of running the “Email Sales Documents” job 

4. Select needed date and click on “View Document” action

5. On the opened “Email Log Document” check if document was sent via automatic sending job 

6. All sent messages (automatic or manual) can be found on the “Sent Emails” page.

7. If you are sender of the message, you can open, and review sent message clicking on Description 


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