Enabling SSO - Add consent to AppXite Auth0 app in Azure.


This article elucidates the essential steps required to configure authentication for accessing the AppXite platform via Azure Active Directory (AAD) login, beginning with the imperative task of whitelisting the domain of the accessing email.

As the first step, it is a requirement to whitelist the domain of email, that will access AppXite platform with AAD login method.  You can find more info on this topic  HERE

The next step is:

The Global Administrator for the Azure tenant must preform log in into portal with AAD authentication method and:
- mark the check-box "Consent on behalf of your organization"(1)
- click Accept(2)

NOTE! This will allow creation of the Auth0 application in the customer's Azure Active Directory, which will enable the users from their tenant domains to log in to the portal.

If the administrator has refused the consent, they need to create such application manually in their Azure directory:

The screenshot as example indicates that the admin consent has not yet been granted for the Auth0 application in the customer's Azure Active Directory:


  • The Global Admin of the tenant domain, needs to navigate to their Azure Management portal and search for the RethinkUI-Auth0 application.

  • Click on Permissions blade, and click the "Grant admin consent for xxx.onmicrosoft.com" button.
  • After this, all users from the AAD of this tenant, will be able to use AAD login method in our platform.

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