Introduction to APIs

AppXite Platform includes extensive set of APIs. APIs are structured in two major groups: Reporting API and Platform APIs. Both API groups have slightly different access request mechanism.

API Matrix:






Reporting API

- ERP (invoices, billing, reconciliation, reporting)


Postman Collection

- CRM (organizations, orders, offers, products)

Platform APIs

- ERP (channel management, custom properties, organizations, orders)




Production APIs

- CRM (channel management, catalogue, categories

- ITSM (channel management, organizations)

Sandbox APIs


Platform APIs are categorized into Production APIs and Sandbox APIs. Difference between APIs is:

  • Production APIs are linked to production environment so you can build required solution or perform testing with production data.
  • Sandbox APIs are linked to sandbox environment in AppXite platform. Thus it can provide additional testing ability with more elaborate scenarios for more complex project implementations.

APIs are intended for self-service consumption for partners. In case there is requirement for assisted involvement from AppXite team in terms of functional consulting, business consulting, development, technical engineering, or project management there is possibility to involve AppXite team as part of a project.

In a case with assisted involvement from AppXite below are listed key qualification questions to understand intended business purpose.

Qualification questions.


  1. What is system to be integrated with?
  2. Is integration required for own organization or another channel partner organization?
  3. How many partners require such integration?
  4. Does partner organization have internal technical resources for integration project?
  5. What is business purpose for intended integration?
  6. Which people require access to API documentation and to which organization.


  1. Which data fields need to be synchronized from AppXite platform to external solution?
  2. Which data fields need to be synchronized from external solution to AppXite Platform?
  3. Should data be passed using push or pull method?
  4. What is expected synchronization frequency?
  5. Which organization will maintain integration?

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