Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Account option


This article explains how to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Accounts in either cases:

  • the user logs in for the first time following receiving the invitation
  • the MFA has been reset for the user.

* Prerequisites: Authenticator Application installed on your device (iOS, Android, or Microsoft) Any authentication application is supported (e.g. Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator).

  1. Navigate to an AppXite platform URL and select login using the “Account” option.


  1. Once the “Account” Login option has been selected from the menu, you will be presented with a Credentials dialog box requiring your email & password to log in.


  1. With the Authenticator application installed, continue by adding the AppXite MFA account by scanning the QR code which will be presented to you after inputting your account details upon completion of the previous (Add AppXite MFA as a separate account to your authenticator application)


  1. The final step of the configuration is to link an Authenticator application to the AppXite MFA and continue by inputting the Authenticator-generated 6-digit code.


Upon completing the MFA setup process, the user will be redirected to the main page of the portal URL they navigated to, continuing their browsing session.

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