Release Notes 130

What's new

Prices based on customer industry segment

When configuring the offer, the customer can now select any industry segment (e.g., education or government) they qualify for with the vendor. This will apply additional discounts and other favorable terms the vendor may offer.
As a seller, you can now be sure to provide each eligible offer at the best possible price point. Please note:
  1. You can request vendors to extend industry qualifications of your customers.
  2. Keep industries of your customers in the platform the same as they are with the relevant vendors. You can update them on customer profile page.
  3. The vendor may reject the order if the customer is not qualified for the selected industry with them.
As a vendor of your own services, you can also configure industry segment-specific prices in a pricing plan.
Eligible Microsoft offers (e.g., perpetual software) are supported out of the box. Existing subscriptions in Microsoft Partner Center will also synchronize into your platform with the correct segment and price.


  • Updated existing Microsoft offers to support prices based on customer industry segment.
  • Published new offer - IBM ReaQta EDR.

Fixes and tweaks

  • Fixed an error when trying to accept a quote when logged in as a customer.
  • Fixed incorrect quantity displayed for select subscriptions in the subscription list.

The release was shipped to production on 08/12/2022.

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