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We understand that it is vital to have a seamless portal usage experience and our team is working round the clock to improve and evolve the platform constantly. Additionally, we have prepared several tips&tricks that can be used to ensure our partners have a smooth experience while using the platform. 

1. Browser choice

The platform is compatible with the most popular internet browsers, but it is advised to use Google Chrome for the best experience.

2. Incognito mode

Use Incognito mode by clicking on browser settings and choosing Incognito mode. 


3. Clean cookies

Sometimes there can be information from your previous session stored in the browser cookies that might interfere with some of the functionalities. It is best practice to clear the browser cookies regularly or perform a hard refresh of the page by pressing F12 and right-clicking the browser refresh button.


4. One organization at the time

If you are working with several organizations, multitasking is not your friend. Keep only one organization profile open on your browser and close it, before logging in as other organization.

5. Give it some time

Large updates, such as, adding items to catalog are heavy processes and can take some time. Wait for some minutes before refreshing the page to see your changes applied.

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