Scheduled orders - scheduling subscription changes

When editing a subscription, you can choose when you want the changes to apply – now, on renewal, or a custom date.

1.Scheduling is available for eligible offers – e.g., offers from Microsoft and other integrated vendors with instant or near-instant provisioning.

2.You can schedule your changes in the following ways:

    1. Now – this option is the same as updating your subscription as usual. The change order is created and processed immediately.
    2. After renewal/commitment – this option allows scheduling changes that vendors do not allow you to make during an active commitment term. Scheduled changes will apply on renewal. This option may not be available for some subscriptions.
    3. Custom date – this option allows you to select any future date. On the selected date the order will be sent to the vendor and changes will apply upon successful provisioning.


If the subscription has scheduled changes, you can see them on the Scheduled Changes tab in the Subscription section.

You can see the scheduled change in detail by clicking on the subscription itself or the " Scheduled" link. The associated order will also be in the Orders section.

There can still be only one simultaneous order per subscription. If your scheduled order is still unprocessed by the vendor, you may be required to wait before you can change your subscription. The next scheduled order will overwrite the previous one and other details. (For example, if you have scheduled +2 subscriptions and later decide that you need 5 extra licenses, place a scheduled order of +5 licenses, as the previous +2 order will be overwritten.).

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