How to Upgrade/Downgrade subscriptions?

The article provides a guide on upgrading or downgrading subscriptions, covering selection, scheduling, monitoring, limitations, and pricing details.

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Subscription Upgrade/Downgrade Selection

1. Click on the Subscriptions tab and select Subscription you would like to upgrade/downgrade.

2. If upgrades/downgrades for the particular Subscription are eligible they will be presented at the bottom of the page:


1 d.png

3. Click Upgrade/Downgrade.

4. The pop-up window will be presented asking to apply changes Now or Custom date:


Now – The change order is created and processed immediately.

Custom date – this option allows you to select any future date. On the selected date, the order will be sent to the vendor, and changes will apply upon successful provisioning.

Subscription page, only shows the upgrades that the customer is eligible to based on their country and industry.

For more details check the following article: Scheduled Orders - Scheduling Subscription Changes.

Once the desired option is selected, the following form will appear:

3 d.png

After changes are applied and Save button is selected, the following message will appear: 


Changes will be saved immediately, and the order will be placed.

5 d.png

Completed Order Status

By selecting View order, you can follow the status of its completion.

Currently, only full upgrades are supported, meaning that if, for example, you have existing subscriptions, all 45 will be upgraded to the desired subscription.

5. From this point upgrading/downgrading the order is the same as placing the order and the process has been described here: How to place an Order?


Please refer to this video for visual guideline:




  • Partial upgrades are supported through MS Partner Center only for now.
  • To ensure your upgrade order is correctly processed by the vendor, configure quantity and other fields to match your current subscription amount.
  • Prices displayed during configuration are regular purchase prices, even if the actual difference due to prepayment or other conditions is lower.


Rename on upgrade

After upgrading subscription to another offer, the name of the subscription is updated automatically to match the new offer. This should emphasize successful renewal on the UI and in the reports, as well as recognize corresponding invoice lines with the now-matching name from the vendor.

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