Catalog Change Notifications

You have the option to set up a webhook and email notification to receive alerts regarding significant changes to the catalog in your platform.

Having integrated offers from catalogue to your own marketplace maintenance of catalogue has become a lot easier and more transparent.

To access the new notification settings, please log into your platform, click on "Settings," and then proceed to the "Notifications" section and select "View."


Within the email notification window, you can configure the following recipient email address fields:

  • To:
  • Cc (optional):
  • Bcc (optional):


In the webhook notification window, you can configure the following details:

  • Post URL
  • Authorization Header
  • Content-Type

A comprehensive list of actions for Catalog Change Notifications is provided below:

  • Create new category
  • Add product to new category
  • Rename existing category
  • Add product to renamed category
  • Delete category with product
  • Remove product from category
  • New subscription synced
  • Product catalog changed
  • List of offers under product changed


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