Detailed Invoice Line Items

In order to see detailed invoice lines as issued by the Vendor on AppXite platform, it can be enabled via UI and by using API.

When enabled, invoice rows for each subscription are broken down into separate fees that more accurately reflect subscription changes during the billing period.

For example, you will be able to see the amount charged for 30 licenses in the first 10 days of the month before the quantity change, and the amount charged for 40 licenses in the remaining 20 days of the month.

This helps partners and their customers to more easily understand and explain the amount in the invoice with full confidence.

Users can choose if they want to see invoice data in aggregated or detailed format. 

Detailed invoice data also returns usage meter details that specifies which usage meter the invoice line is for. It will help understand invoice lines for subscriptions that use multiple meters.


On UI level:

In order to see the prorated invoice details on UI for incoming or outgoing invoices, you should go to the invoice section and open the respective invoice to see details:



In the invoice details as per screenshot above, on the right side is the toggle button "Show details" (off by default), which is used to see the prorated fees:

  • When enabled, the subscription invoice data includes a row for each interval of prorated fees, with actual dates and quantity. The details will be present in the table of the respective invoice page and 
    in the downloadable excel file. Additional invoice details that are displayed in the column Vendor Details are based on the data directly from the vendor, for example, it can additionally indicate which exact account or domain name the charge is for:

  • When disabled, the subscription details will show the quantity and the final amount of the changes within the billing period in one consolidated amount. The subscription line will be accordingly present in the table of the respective invoice page and in the downloadable excel file.

Detailed Charge Types:

Detailed Charge Types breaks down different grouped platform charge types (Cycle Fee, Corrections) for a particular subscription into more granular fees that better explain how the amount is calculated on our platform.

Detailed Charges can be viewed by toggling "Show Details" button which will show additional information such as "Cancellimmediate" "addQuantity", "new", "Renew" and "convert" when viewing an invoice.

In the invoice details as per screenshot below, Detailed Charge Types are shown:


On API level:

It is possible to request detailed invoice rows via our Reporting API using an optional parameter, where the API can return data with or without prorated invoice details.

For returning detailed invoice lines via API, please refer to Reporting API - Detailed Invoice Line Items Knowledge Base article and the "Platform API Integrations" section for more information. 

It is important to know Correction charge type detailed invoice lines are available for invoices created starting from 1st of December 2022 and for Cycle charge type detailed invoice lines are available for invoices created starting from 1st of May 2023. 

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