How to add Custom Properties to Subscription.

Method: POST

  • Path Variables
    o organizationId: the ID of the organization you would like to add custom properties for
  • Referer: your platform URL
  • Authorization: Bearer token
    Body: JSON object defining custom properties to update. “CustomProperties” is a list of objects.
    Response: 204 No Content

If you have custom properties already set for a subscription, you must include existing properties in your request.
For example,

  • Two templates are defined with the ObjectType “Subscription”
  • One is already set for the subscription.
  • We want to add the additional custom property to the subscription
    "OrganizationId": "5DDBF3C8-DC44-4BDB-AAF1-91EFD5A5D00E",
    "SubscriptionId": "2BBFF070-D706-4BB3-BE07-A6EA7898EFBC",
    "ObjectType": "Subscription",
    "CustomProperties": [
    //Already set custom property. Must be included.
    "Id": "2DB6249D-CA8B-4D37-9CEC-B672CEAC4B3AD",
    "CustomPropertiesTemplateId": "440F8A35-BFC7-4E9F-9155-D51CDE8C5AE1",
    "Value": false
    //The new custom property we want to add
    "CustomPropertiesTemplateId": "EF42AF3C-33C0-412F-B954-3CAFE63C779A",
    "Value": "123456"

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