Indirect Resellers purchasing Microsoft 365 Services for their own use

Microsoft has limited the possibilities for the Indirect Resellers to purchase Microsoft 365 Services through CSP channel for their own use.


According to Microsoft:

An Indirect Reseller may have following possibilities to purchase Microsoft services for their own use:

1. Direct purchase from Microsoft

2. Working with a CSP partner as end-customer. Please keep in mind that when a partner is working with an Indirect Provider only one kind of relationship may be established. A partner cannot be end-customer and Indirect Reseller for the same Indirect Provider. In case a partner like to work with the same Indirect Provider, we recommend to create/use another tenant as end-customer tenant.

3. Partners may have some benefits via ActionPack For details, they'd have to contact the MPN Team via Partner Center by themselves.

Some discussions on this topic can also be found in the Microsoft Partner Community:

CSP Partners/Indirect Resellers have the possibility to purchase Microsoft 365 Services outside of the CSP program through their Microsoft 365 Admin Center of the tenant, which the licenses need to be provisioned for:


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