Custom fields

Introduction to Custom fields:

This is additional info that can be added to an Organization or a Subscription and can be viewed only by the access role ,that was selected during creation of respective property.


Some of the use cases where the additional fields/properties can be put to use:

For example, if you need to sync additional customer profile details from your CRM and display them in the platform, you can add them as custom fields and configure how they should behave - whether the field should be required, which roles should see it and whether anybody should be able to update it.

If you sell to partners who also have AppXite platforms of their own, you can also set up custom fields for all your partners at once. This way you will simplify their onboarding process, and they can still customize their own custom field settings later if needed.

Property "Additional Billig email" is sensitive.
Organization has billing contact and it should not be disclosed to the Customer.


Distributor would like to assign a credit risk score to all entities.

This score should not be visible outside of Distributor and could be edited by those with corresponding  permissions.

How to Create (1) and Edit (2) Custom fields:

1. During creation you can select:

of the Custom field

choose between Organization or Subscription

choose between Text, Number, Checkbox, Single select drop-down or Multi-select drop-down

Checkbox: "is required"
and/or "Only allow to set value once"

Available to Organizations:
You can choose between "Only me"(Reseller you are currently located on), "Me and Partners" or "Only Partners"

Available roles:
this let's you choose which access role can view configured Custom field, any access role can be selected.

2. After creation, all properties can be Edited, except for Entity and Type.

Delete the Custom field
: IF a field is utilized on an existing Organization or Subscription, you will have to Confirm this prompt. By accepting you will choose to delete this from the platform entirely:

You can view how the Custom fields/properties are displayed after these are added to an Organization or Subscription here: Custom fields UI portrayal

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