How to place an order for Adobe offer?

Register Admin Acount

A prerequisite for placing orders is customer registration within Adobe system which is Admin Account (= Azure Tenant) in our Platform. 1 customer can have only 1 tenant.

Important! For successful Admin Account registration, customer needs to have billing address details in the Organization profile:

  • Country
  • City
  • State/Province. It is mandatory and should be specified in the format ISO 3166-2 (it is possible to use 1-2 letter combination for countries, where states are not applicable)
  • Address line
  • Postal code - Zip code/postal code of address. It must match city/region/country

So, if Admin Account is showing nothing here, you need to create it first:

For that a "Create admin account" option should be chosen in "Action":

There are several fields in the form.

Mandatory fields: Admin first name, Admin last name, Admin email
Optional fields: Admin phone


When the form is filled in and ready for registration, please check "Submit account details".

If the registration has failed (due to invalid address, details or attempt for second registration), response will return error message instead:

Success response takes around a minute and returns a customer number:

After a customer number is returned, the page refreshes and Admin Account dropdown appears as filled in with the Admin email.

Place an order

When Admin Account is filled in, you need to select "Place order" option in the Action and proceed with order details configuration.

Upon providing License Quantity, a request is being sent to Adobe in order to verify for customer applicable discount at that moment.


Higher Level results in higher discount.

Level response natively can be empty if customer already has a subscription for such offer, as limitation is 1 and customer can't purchase same offer again from the buy page.


Once all details are filled in, you can click "Add to Cart" and finalize order placement.

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