Chat Widget Integration

The outcome of using Chat widget integration would be a chat box that will be visible in the corner of your website for users to get instant and fast support, like the one shown below:

1. By enabling the chat widget, a dropdown will show two available options to choose from: 

a. Zendesk

b. Puzzle Chat



From here you have three possible options to choose:

  • Appxite internal Support

By selecting Zendesk and entering '' in Zendesk API key, your customers will be redirected to Appxite internal support which will have your query/request addressed by us. That is very common use case for Appxite's direct customers:

  • Customer Zendesk Support

By selecting Zendesk and entering Zendesk API key or Zendesk URL in Zendesk API key section, your Customers will be integrated with particular Zendesk Support. For more information, read more in Zendesk Developers Apps Documentation.


  • Puzzle Chat

If you select Puzzle Chat, you will have to fill in the 'PuzzleChatId' and 'PuzzleChat Config' input fields to connect with the provider's app.



For introduction regarding this widget, go to the following URLs:

Please note that upon selecting either of the two available chat providers, it is mandatory to fill in all the fields with valid information to use the chat function. 


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