Userlane General Integration and Integration for CPQ

Userlane is a great tool to guide your users to success with interactive guides, tooltips, and announcements.

Some of its features include:

  • Content creation
  • Context-sensitive help
  • In-app guidance
  • Support-channel integrations
  • Enterprise search

Userlane Java script code is already integrated with Appxite platform for you to take full benefits of it.

You should be able to obtain the Userlane ID from Userlane portal. 

Once you have the ID, go to Appxite platform, enable and add your Userlane ID, to make use of content you will create with Userlane:6755278.JPG

NOTE! If Userlane integration is enabled at the distributor level, seller organizations belonging to that distributor will use distributor's userlane integration by default, unless a different Userlane ID is added under the settings of the seller organization.

The Userlane snippet has already been implemented in the platform, and the following characteristics of the user viewing the platform or the platform they are a user of will be shared to Userlane as Attributes:

  • Country
  • Host (tenant)
  • Language
  • User roles
  • User id
  • Organization id

To further extend on different types of content you could create, refer to Userlane Knowledge Hub.

Integration for CPQ

If the page's URL contains '/cpq/', it means that it's a CPQ page.

In order to create a user guidelines, client will need to have a Userlane account and a Userlane browser extension:


With help of the Userlane integration, you will be able to easily guide your clients on the CPQ page.

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