Contract Management

This article describes the procedure on how to update the contract number on behalf of customers on the platform. This is often needed to reflect correct data on the invoices. 

To manage the Contracts, go to the Organization Profile of the Customer, scroll down to find section Legal details, select Contracts. 


Choose the name of the Contract to change the Contract Information, including the Contract Number and Customer Reference information, as well as to change the Contact information for a specific contract.


The above view will show all the contracts in effect. Depending on the requirement, but most often is the Seller - Customer contract that has to be updated. Select the contract you want to modify/update, by clicking on the name of the contract. The following page will open:


In this view general information of the contract can be added/modified.

a. Change the Contract Name 
b. Add/change Contract number 
c. Change the Status of the contract: Active/Deactivated 
Customer internal references, such as:

d. Default PO number 
Internal reference (e.g. Sales Order) number 

When all information is filled out, proceed with saving the changes by clicking on the upper-right corner button "Save". Above mentioned fields can be now seen:


f. Status of the contract: Active/Deactivated
Contract number 
h. Default PO number
I. End date

NOTE! The following fields will be available/visible in the "INVOICES" section (see the screenshot below):


Note! You can as well access the Contracts through the Select Organization page, by clicking on the number of contracts for the chosen Customer:




Note! Contracts are created before subscriptions and subscriptions are assigned to the contract.
​Contracts created based on the vendor contract with seller and billing day with the Vendor.

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