Manage the List of Sellers

In the main view of the Distributor management functionality, you can see the list of all your sellers. You can manage them by the following options:  


  1. Search - Easily search the Seller organization.
  2. Access the Seller portal's URL (new windows tab will open).
  3. Assign the Category for the Seller.  The distributor is able to create specific categories attributed to its sellers by which Distributor will configure what Products will be available to each seller category and for what prices. Assigning a category via Distributor Platform to a seller will reflect the updated margin structure and Product catalog within the relevant seller Platform. By doing so, Distributor will exercise pricing and product management with respect to its sellers.
    • Segment your sellers by category where each category has its own Price level. 
    • If Category is assigned before APPROVE action of the platform, seller price (Vendor price + Distributor Markup %) will be assigned immediately with platform creation.
    • If the Category is assigned after APPROVE action of the platform, seller price (Vendor price + Distributor Markup %) will become effective from the next day after platform creation.
    • In more details read the article Seller Management Settings - Prices
  4. Perform different Actions:
    a. APPROVE - once a new platform is created, it has to be approved. This button will be available as soon as all 

    b. EDIT INFO - Distributor is able to edit the information associated with the specific Seller and its Seller Platform.
    c. LOGIN ON BEHALF - Distributor will be entitled to log in to each Seller Platform for acting on behalf of Seller. This includes managing Customers, platform users, prices and subscriptions on behalf of the Seller (e.g. adding new orders for subscriptions and suspending subscriptions); (will open in the same window as the back-end management).  

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