AWS Seller Guide

Amazon Web Services Solution: Consumption-based

Invoice: Monthly based on the usage in the previous months

Pricing:  Online Monthly Calculator 

Up-size and down-size: Usage can be increased or decreased any time during the life-cycle. The customer is billed based on what was used 

Suspension: Suspend subscription in the Cloud Platform any time during the life-cycle. The account first has to "Leave Organization" in AWS Management Console. AWS will require to add its own payment method as at this moment Account becomes standalone


New Customer

The account at the AWS Management Console will be created at the moment when the customer will place an order.  Admin should go to the AWS Management Console sign-up page and reset the password to be able to log in to the account. Once an order is completed Admin that was indicated in the order form will receive a welcome e-mail with instructions from AWS:



Customer with Existing AWS Account

Order from the Cloud Platform should be placed with the same Admin e-mail that has created an account in the AWS Management Console.  

Admin receives an Invitation with instruction from AWS, after completing instructions organization will be linked to the AppXite Master Organization: 



Note!  Only standalone accounts can accept invitations.

Member or Master account can be part only of one organization at once. If at the moment of receiving the invitation Account belongs to another organization, then the Master account needs to Delete Organization in AWS Management Console assuming there are no member accounts linked.

AWS will require to add its own payment method as at this moment Account becomes standalone.

If a customer has an existing AWS account order will have status-completed only after the customer accepts the invitation.

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