Navigating Platform APIs


Explore AppXite’s APIs by using the Developer Portal. AppXite's API ecosystem is built on providing partners with capabilities to utilize platform functionality without interacting with the UI.

Our APIs are styled as REST and return JSON-encoded responses with standard HTTP response codes. AppXite develops APIs to support various integrations, allow users and applications to access platform data, and interact with the platform functionality. The following HTTP methods are used to access the API resources: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

Please note that Reporting APIs are currently not available through the Developer Portal experience. For learning more about reporting-related APIs please visit Reporting API.


API Matrix:






Reporting API

- ERP (invoices, billing, reconciliation, reporting)


Postman Collection

- CRM (organizations, orders, offers, products)

Platform APIs

- ERP (channel management, custom properties, organizations, orders)


Developer Portal

- CRM (channel management, catalogue, categories

- ITSM (channel management, organizations)


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