GDAP - User Account Registration & Activation


This article is describing the user journey on how to register, recover or activate and finally log in to the solution. Informational cues will be provided at every step of the way.




NB! Permissions will be listed from your production tenants - if you have an active sandbox platform with an active Microsoft tenant sandbox behind it, please contact us in order to provide you with the additional permission sets for your environment.

  • You must have a platform that is connected to a Microsoft Partner Tenant (Tier 1 or Tier 2) - NB! Regarding Tier 2 Access - Seller Admins under Indirect Resellers are not eligible for registration only Tier 2 Distributor Administrators are.
  • Your Account state on the platform is Active
  • Your Account is using Azure Active Directory authentication on the platform
  • Your Account has the capability of receiving emails (Connected to Exchange)



During the registration process, the service will attempt to match your email with an active account that exists on your platform. If there are matches, a profile for the GDAP solution will be created.

Enter your email, Firstname and Lastname then click on "Submit"



The email confirmation should look like this, we can now proceed with obtaining credentials.




Account Activation and Recovery

This is going to be a 2-step process.

Step 1: Type in your email and click "Submit" without filling in the Security Code field.

You will now receive a one-time security code that will enable you to request new credentials.


Step 2: Enter your security code in the second field, and make sure that the email field is also filled in with your email address. Click "Submit"




If the provided code is correct you will now receive an email with the new password.


You may also check the Logs tab for the same information that is returned during the process.





Navigate back to the login fields and provide the newly obtained password - Click "Submit"




If everything goes smoothly, you will receive informative prompts about the results of the login process and a few new controls will be unlocked that you will be able to operate with.





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