Manage Microsoft Customer Tenants


This article explains how to create Microsoft Tenant for the customer organization. The customer tenant id is required to validate that customer is bound by the Microsoft Customer Agreement before placing an order (see. Place and Provision Orders).

For more information about Microsoft Tenants please visit How to Create a new Microsoft Tenant Domain for a Customer Organization?

Audience: integration developers, business analysts, and software architects.

APIs in scope:

No.1. Validate Microsoft Tenant Domain Name

Microsoft requires a unique tenant domain name to be created. Therefore, before creating a tenant, use this API to validate that the selected domain name is not already taken.

No.2. Create a Microsoft Tenant

Creates Microsoft domain for a customer organization (based on a customer id inserted as a value to the "X-On-Behalf-Of" header). Please note that if a domain name is already taken, API will return the following error code; 500 - Internal Server Error.

Once a tenant domain is created via APIs, it will be visible on the platform UI Tenant Domain dropdown whenever a Microsoft offer is purchased.



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