How to add Custom Properties to Organization.

Method: POST

  • Path Variables
    o organizationId: the ID of the organization you would like to add custom properties for
  • Referer: your platform URL
  • Authorization: Bearer token
    Body: JSON object defining custom properties to add. “CustomProperties” is a list of objects.
    Response: 204 No Content
  • No response body will be returned.
    Examples: If using the example from 3 above, and I want to add a custom property value for “Test List” for organization with Id = ‘652482A2-B28B-4009-8338-8879E8F0C766’, I would make the following request body:
    "OrganizationId": "652482A2-B28B-4009-8338-8879E8F0C766",
    "ObjectType": "Organization",
    "CustomProperties": [
    "CustomPropertiesTemplateId": "0AB1535A-146D-4191-9A85-03F9777FE74A",
    "Value": "Item1"
    "CustomPropertiesTemplateId": “{{some other template id}}”
    "Value": “{{value}}”
  • Value “Organization” for “ObjectType” is required
  • Value for “CustomPropertiesTemplateId” matches available template for this organization
  • Value for “Value” is in the available options defined by the template

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