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This article explains how partners can retrieve their platform's Activity History via API, encompassing both User activity history and Subscription activity history. With the enhanced functionality, partners can now access a comprehensive view of all changes and actions related to both users and subscriptions, providing valuable insights and facilitating effective platform management.

API Documentation is available in the Developer Portal, covering the endpoints for both User activity history and Subscription activity history. To facilitate API requests, we have also updated the Postman collection, which includes templates for partners to utilize the API endpoints. For access to the updated collection, please contact

Audience: integration developers, business analysts, and software architects.

Benefits of Activity History

The extended Activity History functionality brings several key benefits to partners:

  • Improved visibility. The Activity History API allows partners to have a detailed overview of the changes made to both subscriptions and user accounts at any given point in time. This improved visibility enables partners to track and analyze the history of activities and modifications.
  • Enhanced customer service. With access to both User activity history and Subscription activity history, partners can provide comprehensive and detailed information to address customer inquiries related to billing, subscription changes, and user actions. This empowers partners to deliver better customer service and process inquiries regarding user/subscription changes.
  • Increased Efficiency. By leveraging the Activity History API, partners can eliminate the need for manual tracking and monitoring of subscription and user changes.
  • Accountability and Security. With the Activity History API, partners can ensure accountability for any changes made to subscriptions and user accounts. The audit trail provided by the API allows partners to identify unauthorized or erroneous changes, enhancing security and compliance measures.

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