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This article outlines the main questions that arise while reviewing the Azure FAQ


1. When will the AppXite Platform have the functionality to sign an MCuA agreement?

It´s available right now.


2. What happens if an end-customer accepts a Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCuA)
agreement prior to the seller accepting a Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA)

If an end customer accepts an MCuA, they can purchase new Azure subscriptions. The seller must
sign the MPA before the 31st of Jan 2020 to be given the authorization to transact. 


3. In which currency will I receive my invoice and reconciliation file if I have end customers
from Switzerland and Sweden purchasing new azure subscriptions?

Invoicing will be conducted in accordance with Microsoft policy. Thus, an end customer’s currency
is based on that customer’s location. (MCuA). i.e. Swiss Francs and Swedish Krona. The currencies supported by Microsoft are AUD, BRL, GBP, CAD, CNY, DKK, EUR, INR, JPY, KRW, NZD, NOK, RUB, SEK, CHF, TWD.


4. Can end-customer currencies be changed?

No. Based on Microsoft policy, end-customer cannot change the invoicing currency tied to


5. What happens to my margin if I purchase a new Azure Plan?

Microsoft is shifting from re-sell margin to CSP partner-earned credit. Eligible partners must have a
direct-billing relationship with Microsoft; which AppXite has. To receive partner-earned credit (PEC),
a customer has to assign the partner to Azure Portal with the right access. If a customer removes
this right this will also void partner earned credits.


6. What should I do with my EA agreements? Will I keep my margin?

AppXite advise to asses existing EA agreements and gradually move them to CSP program as
Microsoft decreases incentives.


7. When can I expect my reconciliation file?

Microsoft has committed to providing invoice data by the 8th of each month. AppXite will monitor
and inform partners if there are any delays. AppXite will continue to provide reconciliation file as
previously within 10 calendar days after receiving Microsoft invoice data.


8. What changes are in my reconciliation file?

A fundamental change is that, with the purchase of new Azure subscriptions, there will be at least two
reconciliation files. These are:

1. Reconciliation file for existing subscriptions;

2. Reconciliation file for new Azure subscriptions for each supported currency;


9. What changes will happen to billing periods?

New Azure experiences have unified billing relative to calendar month. Thus, direct bill partners who
previously had a different billing date will have effectively two billing periods:

1. Calendar month for new azure subscriptions.

2. The existing billing period for existing CSP subscriptions.


10. When will I be able to purchase new Azure subscriptions from the AppXite

AppXite has already enabled several features and will continue to release along with Microsoft's general availability roadmap. 


11. What is Azure Cost management in New Azure Plan?

Providing CSP partners with Azure Cost Management tools that show organizational cost and usage
patterns with advanced analytics, including Azure cost, usage, reserved instance, and Azure Hybrid  Benefit use and any PEC.


12. Is the azure partner credit for us internal to use on Azure?

No, PEC is a credit line on your invoice.


13. Can we set an uplift in the Azure cost Management Tool?

As of today, it´s not possible to set any uplift on Azure Plan.


14. Will end-customers see partner-earned credits (PEC) which is visible in the Cost Management Tool to the customer?

Customers will not be able to see the PEC in their tool.


15. What is Azure Lighthouse in New Azure Plan?

Automation and management capabilities to operate Azure at scale for customers with cross customer
management features and precise access to customer’s Azure estate.


16. Any plans to have cost management and Lighthouse directly available in the
Appxite platform through API?

As soon as Microsoft has an API or integration towards partners to be able to integrate the solutions, we will start to investigate it and also put it on our road map.


17. How does the AppXite roadmap support all these new changes?

To some extent, like MCuA, are supported and we will implement in the speed as Microsoft is releasing new APIs and connections.


18. What kind of help and support can I expect to get from AppXite as an indirect
seller? Do you have a special hotline? Where do I place my questions?

All questions and support related requests around AppXite's platform and commercials should be directed towards In case you have a direct CSM contact, you are also welcomed to raise the question with them.


19. Have you created a FAQ online, and where can I find it?

Our FAQ will be posted online in our knowledge base, and webinar participants will receive a copy of
current questions. You should follow updates in our knowledge base as we will be posting updates there as we receive new questions.


20. How will all these changes impact my bottom line as Direct or Indirect?

It is very important that you as a partner recognize the importance of providing value-added services to
your customers, or partners in order to maintain profitability. With changes occurring at the same time
on Microsoft other programmers, this is the ideal time to capitalize on this opportunity, as we expect
a major migration from the other programmers towards CSP. If you need help in how to create and
manage services through AppXite's platform, please contact or your CSM contact.


21. What happens if a customer shifts the partner admin role to another partner?

You, as a partner, will lose your PEC in the invoice from Microsoft.

22. How can I see if am earning PEC?
You can see this in the Azure Cost Management tool and in the invoice you get from Microsoft as a direct-billed partner.


23. How is selling the Azure Plan and providing managed services and managing for
instance virtual machines connected and measured towards credits?

There are different ways in which you are recognized to receive Partner Earned Credits. The importance
is that no matter which measurement, it is measured on full 24 hours, and you only get paid for the days in which you have been assigned as either Admin on behalf of, Azure Lighthouse (on specific resources), or RBAC.


24. Are there any penalties? What happens if I don't manage to inform my customers in

No, there are no penalties. What this means is that you or your customer will not be able to transact on
new or changes after the 31st of Jan.


25. Will AppXite automatically notify the customers when they log in, that they have to sign a new agreement? Or, will it only happen if I send them the information? Can I decide how they are requested to sign?

The customer will only be prompted to the MCuA when changing or buying new services.


26. I have heard about the new lighthouse and cost management. What is it? How does this
match with AppXite platform reporting? What do I use for what?

Azure Lighthouse is not for reporting, you can as a partner access automation and management capabilities to operate Azure at scale for customers with cross customer management features and precise access to customer’s Azure estate.


27. Can customers "buy" multiple Azure plans with different partners, and move
resources between them as they please?

Customer can buy only one Azure plan per partner relations and you cannot move subscriptions
between Azure plans.


28. Can I "buy" an azure plan with one partner and have another manage it?
Or, can I, as a partner, work with an MSP, while selling to the customer? How will
credits and margins work then?

On the new Azure plan, a customer can "buy" from one partner and let another manage it. Only a
a bill-direct partner can get PEC if that partner has access rights set correct to the customer.


29. What if a customer "buys" an azure plan from me, then adds a solution from the Azure
marketplace that they want a partner to manage? Who gets paid, and in which way?                  Does AppXite provide any additional value to manage this?

If the customer wants to have several partners managing their solution this is possible for the direct billing partner to earn PEC and for others to earn incentives.


30. For indirect sellers: Is it a requirement that AppXite (The indirect provider) has
RBAC Owner or Contributor access, or equal access through AOBO or Lighthouse? I am not sure our customers would be happy with this.

No, AppXite is not a requirement as RBAC or AOBO to receive the PEC, you as an Indirect reseller can be
and still, receive the PEC.

31. Will the Partner Cost Management overview also be available for CSP indirect

Yes, the Cost Management tool for a partner is also available for indirect partners.


32. Do you have a guide to convert customers to the new azure plan?

Please follow our guidelines or Microsoft guidelines. 


33. Is there any date that the current Azure model will stop and CSP partners need to
move to Azure Plan? 

Based on currently given information from Microsoft EOL to buy Microsoft Azure is November 2020.


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