Seller guide for IBM MaaS360

To purchase IBM MaaS 360, Seller needs to have MaaS 360 Partner ID in IBM MaaS360 Partner Portal

  • For Seller to have IBM MaaS360 portal, CSM collects Amind registration information (including information such as email, name, surname). 
  • Once IBM MaaS360 Partner portal has been created, a customer of Seller can purchase IBM MaaS 360 from the platform. A customer account will be linked with Sellers IBM MaaS 360 Portal ID. 
  • Seller or customer can place a new order in the AppXite Platform providing customer email that will be registered as MaaS360 account Admin. 


NoteCustomers account will be linked with Sellers MaaS360 Partner account, providing access to manage customer, if this step is skipped, then the customer account will be linked with AppXite MaaS360 Partner account instead of Sellers MaaS360 Partner account. 


  • If Seller has MaaS 360 Partner ID, Seller needs to provide that ID to AppXite Onboarding team to adjust provisioning settings for MaaS 360 products in AppXite Platform and updates MaaS 360 Partner ID list;  


Note: If ID is not provided, then the customer account will be linked with the AppXite MaaS360 Partner account instead of the Sellers MaaS360 Partner account. 



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