What is an Order Form?

Once the offer is onboarded, the Order form should be created to be allowed to publish the offer.

An order form is a form that the vendor receives to provision the service to the customer. Depending on a provisioning type an Order form is treated as an official purchase order document. 

In more detail read the following article How to edit form?

The automated order form consists of  Default fields for license-based offers and Form Data for CPQ offers. 

  • Admin Email: This e-mail address must be able to receive a license and provides access. Can be either someone from the seller side or end-customer - depends on who is managing the account after the purchase 
  • Admin Contact Name and Last Name: A person’s name and last name that receive a license and have access 
  • Offer Name: Name of the purchased offer 
  • License Quantity: The quantity that is placed 
  • End-customer name: The organization name of the end-customer for whom this order is placed 

And Additional fields such as:

  • Order #:
  • Order Type:
  • ID:
  • Offer
  • SKU ID:
  • Name:
    Order created by
  • Email:
  • First name:                                                                                                                                            FormData
  • Admin first name:
  • Admin last name:
  • Admin email:
  • License quantity:
  • Language:
  • Billing cycle:
  • Additional info:

Note! The vendor shouldn’t create default fields in the order form.

An example of an automated order email:


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