How to cancel and undo order?

Customers can both cancel and change orders and cancel subscription configurations for specific orders if it is supported by the vendor.

The orders section is available only in Customer View (logged in on behalf of the Customer organization):

To cancel an order, select the "X" icon under the Actions section.

For NCE offers:

For Microsoft NCE orders cancellation is allowed only for the first 7 days.

NOTE: the 'X' cancelation button is available for the new NCE subscription orders only (not for the existing NCE subscription update):



End customers can click the “Cancel” button, on the order within the allowed period.

Note! The time period is set by the vendor.
The order and the subscription will be canceled, and the customer may not be charged for it, however, it depends on the vendor.
For Microsoft, the policy can be reviewed here.



"Vendor of this offer supports canceling your orders at no charge. Are you sure for want to cancel? Changes to your subscription will be reverted back".

Note! While canceling the order, the creation of a new cancelation order happens:



The status of the canceled order item will be changed from the original order to Canceled.

Note! Billings from subscriptions and subscription changes that are canceled through order cancelation are not reflected in reports and invoices.

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