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Article describes the feature that allows customer to add (or update) Purchase Order Number to their orders. This purchase order number can serve as a reference for customers to track their invoices. Purchase order number field will be configurable allowing resellers, distributors to enable or disable it based on their preferences. 

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Template Creation

Utilization of this feature should be started with the creation of the template. To begin using Order Custom Fields, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings - Custom Fields 
  2. Select Order from the entity options.
  3. Check the Display on Reporting API box if you want the custom field to appear in the reporting API.
Note! Only one custom property per order can be marked for the reporting API.

Setting Values:

  • Once the template is created, you can assign values to the custom fields when setting up an order. These values will be stored and displayed in the reporting API if marked accordingly.
  • It’s important to note that custom fields support all types of orders, including purchase orders, change orders, and internal orders.

Implementation Nuances:

  • Custom Order Properties can be added on purchase or subscription edits.
  • Custom Order Properties can be added/edited in the Order cart (with some exceptions).
  • All order types are supported.
  • For full cancellation orders, Custom Order Properties could not be added on order creation, only later in the Order cart.

Scheduled Orders and Custom Dates

  • Custom fields can be set and updated for scheduled "on renewal", but not for scheduled on "Custom date" - in this case, only a value set is possible, with no update for the existing value.
  • The same logic applies to "Save for later" and "Waiting for approval" types of orders.

Handling Cancellations:

      • Custom fields support partial cancellations. The values can be viewed and updated through the provided pop-up interface during the cancellation process.
      • Full cancellations, however, do not prompt the pop-up, and custom fields cannot be updated once an order is fully canceled. 


Only one Custom Order Properties template can be marked with 'Display on Reporting API'.

Error Handling:

When a user tries to save more than one template marked with 'Display on Reporting API', an error is shown: "Only 1 order custom field can be enabled for visibility via Reporting API".

The template is not saved.


  • If a 2-tier seller inherits a template marked with 'Display on Reporting API' from a distributor, they cannot create their own template marked with 'Display on Reporting API'.

Distributor and Seller Conflict:

  • If a distributor creates a template marked with 'Display on Reporting API' when a 2-tier seller already has their own template marked with 'Display on Reporting API', no errors are shown for the distributor on create/edit. In this case, the value set for the distributor's template will be taken for the Reporting API.

User Interface and Reporting

  • Custom properties for orders can be seen in various parts of the user interface, depending on how they are configured.
  • The fields marked for the reporting API will be available in reports, providing detailed insights based on the custom data entered.

Future Implementations

  • The reporting API is partially implemented, with full functionality expected in future updates. This will include complete integration with all custom fields marked for reporting, enhancing the analytical capabilities of order data.


Order Custom Fields offer a robust way to tailor order management to specific needs. By following the setup process and understanding the limitations, users can efficiently manage and utilize custom data within their orders.

For further questions or detailed workflow explanations, feel free to reach out to our support team.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the new Order Custom Fields feature, ensuring users can effectively implement and manage this functionality within their order processing systems.

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