What is the choice price table?

Choice Price Table - defines the mapping between combinations of values and price. Combinations can't
intersect with each other. The price table should be defined for all possible combinations.

"Choice controls" allows choosing one or more controls which will be used to identify which price is
applicable. You can choose Radio and Dropdown controls only


a. "Control " - provides the ability to set up which values the price will be applicable for. If configured for this row, one control has two or more applicable values and price is applied from the configurable row. 

b. "In Price" and "Retail price" is used to define the price for this combination. 

If the Choice table has two or more controls, then apply the corresponding row only if both controls matched row.


Explanation of calculation:

Speed  Region Retail Price Corresponding row
10Mbps USA 12$ 1-st
100Mbps USA 22$ 2-nd
10Mbps Lithuania  7$ 3-rd
10Mbps Poland 7$ 3-rd
100Mbps Lithuania  13$ 4-th
100Mbps Poland 13$ 4-th

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