Configure quantity change rules

One of the new features introduced by NCE is that vendors are now able to configure whether the customer can increase or decrease the quantity, so that they can restrict customers from decreasing the quantity in conditions like commitment.

It can be easily done on the Design section it is possible to add restrictions for the following controls which were defined by Vendor:

Text, Number, Check box, Date, Radio, Dropdown. 

In order to add restrictions for the control, select (1)Design section, choose control (2). In the right sidebar (3)the vendor can enable post-purchase restrictions.


After enabling tickbox "Add restriction" it is possible to configure it on the "Post-purchase" tab later.


When selecting the Post-purchase tab, the vendor will see a lock icon for the controls which didn't define restriction(4). The control enabled with "Add restriction"(5), will have a dropdown where the vendor can modify it:


Based on the selection, the user can save changes to a subscription with a higher/lower value than the most recent configuration.

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