Two-factor authentication & password strength policy

AppXite Platform supports various identity providers, that allow you to configure password policies, such as password length, password complexity (e.g. combination of numbers, letters and special characters), session timeouts, password expiration, and prevention to use a recently used password.

In addition, you can enable multi-factor authentication that requires the user to have both login credentials and code sent via SMS to authenticate.

Please note that “Two-Factor Authentication” and password policy configuration is dependent on your selected identity provider. So, to enable the “Two-Factor Authentication”  within the AppXite Platform, you will need to (i) select the identity provider that supports the “Two-Factor Authentication”; (ii) configure the “Two-Factor Authentication” and other access policies (as you find appropriate) with your Identity Provider. As a result, the selected policies will apply to the platform authentication.

For more information on how to select an identity provider, please visit Authentication Management.

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