Does AppXite use a single contract for all types of partners?

Yes. AppXite Partner Agreement is designed to govern different types of relationship between AppXite and a partner, including the following, or any combination thereof:

  • Direct Vendor: selling its own products directly to end-customers.
  • Indirect Vendor: authorizing AppXite or another distributor/seller to sell products to a seller/end-customer.
  • Direct Seller: purchasing products directly from vendors and selling such products directly to end-customers.
  • Indirect Seller: purchasing products from AppXite as a distributor and re-selling directly to end-customers.
  • Distributor: purchasing products directly from vendors and selling such products to your sellers.

Please visit our Legal Hub to read through the AppXite Partner Agreement.


Can AppXite help me in managing my contracts?  

Yes. By enabling contract lifecycle management functionality we help our partners to ensure that all level of product distribution is supported by the legal documentation.
Partner is able to upload and place its legal documentation (e.g. terms & conditions, privacy policy, etc.) to the AppXite Platform in a way that such documentation is displayed on the page and is accepted by the customer prior to purchase of the product. For more information on how you can set up your contracts please visit How to configure T&C?.


Can I use my own contract to govern my product?

Absolutely. The way you develop, upgrade, and deliver your product is typically governed by the product terms defined by the vendor. Product terms are accepted by the end-customer along with the business contract provided by a seller. The end-customer will be required to accept the product contract prior to purchase. If you are selling your own product directly to the end-customer, customer will be bound by your product terms and a business contract.


Who owns the End-Customer Relationship?

Even though the end-customer accepts your product terms, it is the seller who is responsible for setting the business contract with a customer, including end-customer price, billing, and subscription term. Therefore, it is the seller who owns the end-customer relationship. Please note that if you are using the AppXite Platform to sell your own services directly to end-customers you are considered as both vendor and seller, which makes you the owner of the end-customer relationship.


Who invoices the End-Customers?

Typically, it is the party that owns the end-customer relationship.


I want AppXite to distribute my products. Who will appoint and manage the sellers?

We are entitled to appoint sellers independently. However, you can always object to the appointment of any reseller if you have a good reason for it.


What are the payment terms?

Payment terms are dependent on your Service Plan and the type of relationship you have with AppXite. Our payment terms are aligned with that of a vendor.

The payment terms for the partner products marketed by AppXite is 60 days net, provided that AppXite bears the credit risk for seller/customer non-payment.

Please note that all payment terms associated with your direct relationship with vendors/distributors/sellers/end-customers are governed by your respective contracts with such parties.


Does AppXite provide me with a contract template that I can use with my end-customers?

AppXite does not provide a template for a business contract with an end-customer. However, the AppXite Platform allows you to upload your own business terms which will be available for customer’s acceptance. In addition, customers will accept vendor-specific product terms prior to purchase.


Am I obligated to pay to AppXite regardless of whether my end-customer pays?

Yes. AppXite will continue to invoice you for the duration of the Partner Agreement regardless of the customer’s payment. You are responsible for collecting any amounts from your customers according to your own debt collection policies. However, the AppXite Platform supports the functionality to suspend active customer subscriptions to initiate a vendor refund process (if any). 


What happens If I stop paying AppXite?

Should the partner’s account be overdue for more than 30 days, AppXite will suspend the platform and begin its standard debt collection process.


Can I use the AppXite Platform to sell products to myself?

No. However, you can purchase products from the other partners.


Where am I authorized to sell?

If you are a direct partner, the territory in which you are authorized to market the products is defined in your contract with the vendor. For indirect partners, the territory is dependent on your location and is defined on the product level. You can verify the territory by adding a product to your catalog. 


What is the term of the Partner Agreement?

You can find the information about our subscription term in your Order Form.

How can I terminate my contract with AppXite?
Partner Agreement can be terminated by the Partner by providing 30 (thirty) days' notice in advance. Notice of termination must be sent to by the Seller Admin or by the authorized person entitled to represent the Partner. Please note that the early termination fee may apply according to Sec.14.1 of the Partner Agreement.

How is the platform fee calculated?

The platform fee is calculated as a percentage of your managed revenue. The percentage depends on the type of product you are selling. Percentage applies to a gross billable revenue generated from the sale of products via Platform.

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