How can I see details of my incoming invoice?

Article outlines the different types of invoices, how to access detailed invoice information, utilize filters for better organization, and export data seamlessly.

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The incoming Invoices section contains the following invoices:

  • from Microsoft to Direct Seller uploaded from Microsoft Partner Center (invoice ID starts with a capital letter followed by digits); 
  • from any Vendor to Direct or Indirect Seller, generated by Platform (invoice ID contains digits only).

Incoming Invoices view

In order to view the Incoming invoice, please choose the invoice with according to Invoice ID and click it.


By clicking on Invoice ID, you will access all the information about all your customers and their subscriptions:mceclip2.png

Incoming invoice details

Incoming invoice details, you will see

  1. Different filters allow you to overview the details of the invoice.
  2. Each Customer will be separated, under which you will be able to see all subscriptions and purchase details.
  3. Charge type - will represent the subscription type. For more details read "Invoicing for different types of Subscription".
  4. Export the information in the excel file (in order to choose columns to be exported, step 5 should be taken first).
  5. Choose the columns to display on the page.

Filtering Incoming Invoices

Users can filter incoming invoices by contract name for verification purposes. This is useful when invoice data from multiple invoice contracts are grouped into one invoice.


Customers can see totals on the incoming invoice detail pages, when any filter is applied, the table displays "Total" and the value next to it is the sum of all filtered rows: 


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