Billing Cycle Settings

The "Billing Cycle settings" include a sub-control labeled "Default billing cycle".

The billing period options include Monthly, Yearly, One time, and Use custom control. If the Vendor selects "Use custom control" as the "Default billing cycle," the view will appear as follows:

a. Control used for billing cycle - The billing cycle control can be set to either the Charge period or "None". If the "None" option is selected, a warning message will be displayed stating "Please select a control".

b. Billing cycle length - has only "Monthly" and "Yearly" options.

c. All variables -Select this option when you wish to apply a discount to all services within the entire plan, based on the billing cycle selected by the customer for one of the services.

d. Some variables - choose this option when you want to discount only those services in the plan, for which the customer selected the corresponding billing cycle.

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