How to validate configuration as a vendor?


This article describes how vendors can validate the configurations they've made for their offer. This will help them test if their configuration is setup correctly.


Validating the configuration

When onboarding new offers, it is possible to check if the pricing plan and configuration form is set up correctly before saving and publishing the offer.

As a final step, just fill in the form with the configuration you want to test and then select "Test-buy". The exact prices or configuration error messages will be exhibited identically to what the customer will see on the platform.

Selecting the Preview button:


a. After pressing the “Test-buy” button it shows errors for all fields which are wrong. If there are no validation errors, the following message pops up: "The selected configuration is valid. Customers will be able to buy this offer." 

b. After pressing the button "Reset" UI will reset all fields to default values.

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