AppXite News 04-10-2022

Some of the major developments from the last weeks include the catalog uplift with the addition of new Adobe offers, our new reports landing page to help you navigate your dashboards better, and AppXite's own GDAP migration solution that will help Microsoft partners transition from DAP to GDAP painlessly.

Featured Use Case articles:

Going forward we want to emphasize different outcomes partners and customers can achieve from using our platform. For that reason, our newsletters will focus to highlight different Use Cases that partners can leverage in the business.

Featured platform articles:

AppXite's GDAP Migration Solution Is Available Now

We are pleased to announce that we released a custom GDAP migration solution that will significantly speed up the DAP-to-GDAP migration and simplify the GDAP relationship management. AppXite Partner Management Solution can be used (free of charge) by any direct and indirect Microsoft partners using the AppXite Platform. Download it now from Microsoft Store.

Find out more about the solution’s capabilities from our Granular Delegated Admin Privileges how-to tutorials:
  1. GDAP - Software Client Setup
  2. GDAP - User Account Registration & Activation
  3. GDAP - CSP Roles / Template Management / Security Group Provisioning
  4. GDAP - Customer Transition and Synchronization
Even though Microsoft has postponed the migration milestones, we encourage you to still keep the task high on your priority list because you will have to transition to GDAP (likely) within one to three months. Stay tuned for the updated GDAP transitioning timelines.

The Consolidation of Developers Portals

AppXite is consolidating the existing Sandbox API and Production API portals into a single Developer portal to remove the complexity of operating two portals for different environments. 

What is required from all partners who use API management?

  • Sign-up here if you do not have an account yet. All user accounts will be valid after unification. 
  • After the consolidation, you will be required to use an additional header "Environments" to select the environment you want to use. API Documentation on the portal will contain additional guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact

Release highlights:


Start selling Adobe Pro and Enterprise offers today. More than 70 new Adobe VIP Marketplace offers were integrated into the AppXite catalog and are ready for your transactions. Volume discounts based on the customer's Account Level are enabled for these offers.


Navigate your Reports section effortlessly. To encourage the broader adoption of our insightful reports, we launched a new menu page that gives a comprehensive overview and short descriptions of all reports available to you.


Verify NCE offer prices and easily share them with customers. To improve NCE price and billing tracking, the Price list report now includes NCE offers. With this update, customers' NCE commitment is also more clearly visible.

Latest news from your vendors:

Extended timelines: Securing the partner ecosystem by transitioning to GDAP

Microsoft is extending the previously announced timelines for key actions partners need to take to secure their ecosystem.

VIP Marketplace changes 

Adobe updated its VIP Marketplace roadmap which will postpone the release of the 3-year license commitment to Q1 of 2023, and the release of the VIP Marketplace offers for education and government for Q2. Contact Adobe for more information. 

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