AppXite News 09.02.2023

Platform updates

Some of the major developments from the last weeks include the release of the new subscription prices API that allows getting prices for each subscription, enhanced product configuration by adding the quantity field to the cart for all NCE offers, and the release of a detailed granularity for charges in invoices. 


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Subscription Prices API

Subscription prices API allows you to get prices for each subscription. A lightweight alternative to retrieving full subscription details for when you only need to display the price in your webshop, ERP or another system.


Improved Product Configuration  

AppXite platform has long allowed all vendors to package together any number of service components into one pricing plan. Each component can have its own quantity the customer configures individually - units of hardware, software license seats, amount of storage or bandwidth, etc.

Meanwhile, end customers and sales teams still need to see "quantity" in cart, reports and other places that help check or track the configuration of their subscriptions. In this update, we are adding the quantity field to the cart for all NCE offers. This should help you ensure that the main part of the configuration is correct right before you place your order.

As part of our future roadmap, we are planning to release a more robust and universal solution that connects the configurability needs of vendors and the ease of use end-customers continue to expect.


Detailed Granularity for Charges in Invoices

AppXite platform by default consolidates pro-rated charges into a single billing line item. With the introduction of detailed billing line item functionality users have the flexibility to leverage a simplified view when managing billing at scale and to keep information condensed and readable on invoices. In case customers have specific questions about how a specific billing line item was calculated it is possible to view those details in the platform.

For example, for subscriptions with quantity change, Vendor would typically generate 4 pro-rated billing line items, which are consolidated into 1 by AppXite. Thus when operating with a large number of customers it becomes easy to achieve a robust overview of charges applicable to the Seller or Customer. With the flexibility to show detailed billing line items, it is still easy to provide details for charges with exact Charge Date and Charge Types as specified by Vendor.



Disclaimer: access to this feature will first be limited to distributor admins, with the rollout for all eligible user roles in the upcoming releases.


New 360° Report

With 360° report, you can gain all-around visibility into the subscription sales performance across all your channel and locations thus helping you to understand the mechanism of best-performing sales models and identify the flaws. The report will soon be available in the Reports section on the AppXite platform. 


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Vendor News


Updated Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) coming in March 2023

The MCA for CSP program will have an update in March 2023 to improve the flexibility to update terms as needed in the future, align to broader changes, and future-proof for new offers.


Introducing the Microsoft 365 E3 Do More with Less (DMWL) promo

The Microsoft 365 E3 DMWL Promotion for CSP customers is now available, from February 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023, with a 15 percent discount on the net partner price for new customers.


New Teams Premium is now available

Teams Premium is now available to help customers do more with less and increase productivity with new AI-powered meeting capabilities, including Large Language Models powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5.


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