AppXite News 09-12-2022

Platform updates

Some of the major developments from the last weeks include the release of the new APIs, subscription upgrades that allow fully upgrading NCE subscriptions to higher-tier offers,and extending MFA to Custom User Database accounts thus harmonizing the access control features across all Identity Providers.


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New APIs released

AppXite is happy to announce the release of the new APIs that provide faster and more comprehensive interaction with the platform data and support external marketplace integration. The new APIs will enable partners to interact with the Catalog, Offer Prices, Subscriptions, Microsoft Tenants, and Custom Properties.


Reporting API - detailed invoice line items

Reporting API can return detailed invoice line items. With this functionality, you can have the flexibility to leverage a simplified view with consolidated invoice line items and when necessary, switch to granular invoice details. As such, it is easy to obtain an overview of charges across different subscriptions and access details of pro-rated charges when needed.


Get catalog and prices

These APIs will allow you to get your platform catalog of offers and display it outside the platform. For instance, you can build your own marketplace as a customer-facing UI with the catalog of offers being displayed and available for purchase, whereas the platform will be used as a back-end functionality. 


Place and Provision Orders

These APIs will allow you to place and provision orders programmatically. As a result, you can use your own marketplace and/or CRM/ERP to place and provision orders on the platform.


Manage subscriptions via APIs

These APIs will allow you to collect subscription data and manage subscriptions outside the platform (e.g. in your ERP/CRM and/or marketplace). 


Manage Microsoft customer tenants

These APIs will allow you to validate and create Microsoft Tenants programmatically. This will allow you to incorporate the Microsoft tenant management functionality in your offer purchase flow.


Welcome to AppXite Academy

Have you ever caught yourself sitting in a meeting and having zero understanding of some complicated industry terms? Well, we all have been there. That is why AppXite Academy is here to help - every week we will crack one industry term for you in an easily digestible video format.

Latest top news from vendors

New commerce experience for CSP: Journey map now available

​This journey map provides information about Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) new commerce capabilities that are available now, and what’s planned over the coming months.


Extended timelines for transitioning to GDAP

Microsoft is providing partners with more time to make the transition from DAP-to-GDAP. Also, have a look at what's planned in the Journey to Zero Trust roadmap.


Now live: Azure savings plan for compute

Microsoft officially announced the general availability of Microsoft’s new Azure commitment-based offer, Azure savings plan for compute. It’s a flexible pricing model that unlocks savings compared to pay-as-you-go pricing when you commit to spend a fixed hourly amount on select compute services for either one or three years.

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