Manage Subscriptions via APIs


This article explains how to Manage Subscriptions via APIs. This will unlock the integration scenario in which you can collect subscription data and manage subscriptions in your ERP/CRM and/or marketplace.

APIs in scope:

No.1. List all Subscriptions

Get all subscriptions associated with the selected customer. The API will return both enabled and disabled subscriptions.

No.2. Retrieve a subscription

Get detailed information on the selected subscription.

No.3. Update a subscription

Updates a subscription based on the available configuration, including, but not limited to changing the subscription quantity, billing cycle (monthly, annual), and term.

Please note that offers can have different compatibility rules, post-purchase restrictions, and billing cycle settings. For example, for some offers, you are unable to reduce the quantity, or change the billing cycle, whereas others can be canceled only within a specific time frame. As a result, when you're building an integration please consider the individual offer logic specified in the offer pricing plan. The pricing plan can be retrieved by using Retrieve a pricing plan for the offer.

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