Order Line Cancellation Flow


This article outlines the flow for canceling the order placed on the platform. Please note that the order line cancellation APIs apply to orders irrespective of whether it is placed through the platform UI or APIs.

In addition, please note that vendors have different order cancelation policies, hence, the flow involves the step to validate the ability to cancel particular orders.


Integration developers, business analysts, and software architects.


Order is Placed and Executed (see. Place and Provision Orders via API).

Order is in status “Provision Finished”. Please note that only orders in “Provision Finished” status can be canceled. Hence, wait a few minutes following the order placement.



APIs in scope:

No.1. List All Orders 

API to list newly created orders. Given that the order “Status Name” is “Provision Finished”, you can proceed with order line cancellation.

“Items Count” will reveal how many order items an order contains.


No.2. List Order Items

API is used to get the order item IDs.


No.3. Validate Order Cancellation

Verify that an order line can be canceled.


No.4. Cancel Order Item

API is used to cancel an order item.

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