What is 'Per Usage' Formula?

For details on setting up the pricing for the usage-based offers, refer to the following article:
How to Set up and Operate Usage Based Offer.

Once that has been set up the Usage Based Calculator for such offers is presented and can be used by the end-users. Refer to the following article for further details:
Usage Based Calculator.


However, there could be some scenarios for usage-based offers where intentionally we would not like present that cost-estimator. These scenarios include and are not limited to:

  • There is very large set of data/meters and list of it programmatically might not be available in advance
  • Vendor provide own price calculator (e.g. external link)
  • Vendor APIs can fully handle correct invoice parsing
  • Reports are integrated directly using vendor APIs
For such use cases, we can set up the pricing plans as Usage type but without requesting pricing or meters to be set.
To do so, select 'Per usage' formula as pricing rule within price module in pricing plan configuration as shown below:
As a result of that:
  • In pricing plan module, In Price and Retail Price values are shown as 0 and neither are editable.
  • In AppXite platform, Customers will see billing cycle set as in offer and cost as 0.

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