Subscription Coterminosity


Coterminosity refers to aligning subscription renewal dates for multiple Microsoft products, enabling them to renew on a single date. This streamlines processes like billing and renewals for both customers and partners.
Coterminosity ensures that ending dates are adjusted as needed to prevent any overlap.


One Year Term Subscription:

  • Existing: Ends October 1, 2024.
  • New Subscription: Purchased July 1, 2024.
  • Result: Subscription prorated to end on October 1, 2024, avoiding overlaps.

One-Month-Term Subscription:

  • Existing: Ends April 2, 2024.
  • New Subscription: Purchased March 2, 2024.
  • Result: Prorated to end on April 2, 2024, preventing overlap.

Three-Year-Term Subscription: Existing:

  • Ends October 1, 2022.
  • New Subscription: Purchased July 1, 2022.
  • Result: Prorated to end on October 1, 2024, ensuring alignment.

By co-terming customer can align subscription renewal date with any other existing subscriptions renewal date. Affected offers are Microsoft NCE online services (user-based). 

It is Applicable during new purchase and for scheduling renewal settings. For 1 tenant, can be groups of co-termed subscriptions: Example, 5 subscriptions have renewal on December 18, 10 other subscriptions on March 11.
For purchases made under a single organization, you can have each set of subscriptions co-termed on different date.​ When co-term is selected for a new subscription upon purchase, its renewal date is set to the selected date and its effective first term is shortened accordingly.
Annual and triannual subscription cannot be co-termed with a monthly subscription. Monthly subscription can be co-termed with any other subscription.


  • Subscriptions must be purchased directly for customers.
  • Custom term end date must fall within the first term duration.
  • End dates can't align with the 28th, 29th, or 30th of the month for monthly terms.
  • Aligning charge cycles with the calendar month requires specific calculation.
  • Annual/triannual terms can't co-term with monthly terms.
  • Changes to coterminous subscriptions allowed only at renewal.

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