How to change the quantity of subscription licenses?

If you already have an existing subscription, you don't have to purchase a new subscription every time you want to increase the number of licenses: just change the quantity within the existing subscription.
In order to do that, select the Subscriptions tab and select the subscription you want to manage. The details of the subscription will be opened in a new window. 

1. Cancellation Policy - allows the user to cancel or decrease the number of selected subscription licenses.

!Note The cancellation policy can vary depending on the Vendor.
For more details: Cancellation Policies 

2. License Quantity - allows the user to edit (increase and sometimes decrease) the number of subscription licenses.

!Note It is not possible to update One-time offer subscriptions (Software subscriptions & Perpetual offers), as such functionality is not supported by Microsoft.
Please perform
a purchase from Catalog, for additional licenses.

How to change the number of licenses?

Select the "Edit" button in the lower right corner of the screen.
When selecting the "Edit" button for a subscription, you can choose when you want the changes to apply – Now, On Renewal, or a Custom date:

a. Now – this option enables you to make changes immediately.

b. On Renewalthis option allows scheduling changes that vendors do not allow you to make during an active commitment term. Scheduled changes will apply on renewal. This option may not be available for some subscriptions.

c. Custom datethis option allows you to select any future date. On the selected date, the order will be sent to the vendor, and changes will apply upon successful provisioning.

When editing the quantity, you will see the prorated price on the Subscription edit page during changing quantity:
1. The top line (first #NN days) will show the prorated price for the remaining days until the renewal date taking into account the number of the increased licenses.

2. The bottom line (eg. every 1 month, every 12 months) will show the amount for the subscriptions with the increased quantity for the next billing term.

Some examples are shown below: 
The full period for some customers is from 2023-01-01 to 2024-01-01. The full offer price is 1000$.
On 2023-06-30 the user purchased a new subscription we will see next:
Based on calculation logic: 2023-06-30 - 2024-01-01 = 1 license = 498$ (first 182 days)
Prorated Price = 182 / 365 * 1000 = 498$
After 16 days the user goes to the Subscription edit page.
The user will see only the full price value like 1000$.
Then the user changes quantity from 1 to 11 and we see as follow:
Based on calculation logic: (11-1) * (2024-01-01 - 2023-07-15) / 365 * 1000 = 153 / 365 * 10 * 1000 = 4191$ (first 153 days).
When a user goes back to the Subscription edit page, we will see only the full price (11000$) value.

During custom date order proration prices are calculated based on this custom date value.
  • Select Save.
  • Select Save Changes.

After saving changes, a pop-up window with Terms & Conditions will appear, press the "I agree" button to continue.


If the subscription has scheduled changes, you can see them On the Scheduled Changes tab of the Subscription details page. The associated order will also be in the Orders section.

3a.pngThere can still be only one simultaneous order per subscription. If your scheduled order is still unprocessed by the vendor, it may be required to wait before you can make changes to your subscription.
When configuring changes for a selected date, prices automatically include the markup configured for that date.

!Note Scheduling is available for eligible offers – e.g., offers from Microsoft and other integrated vendors with instant or near-instant provisioning.
  • You may switch off the auto-renewal for the subscription by unchecking the tab in the Subscription details: 

Press Edit -> Now

Uncheck the box -> Save changes




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