How to create new Products?

The product is always first to be created, after the product is created – offers can be created. There can be multiple offers under one product. 

Product offer hierarchy: 


To create a new product in the Products & Offers section, select New Product.




The above picture is how product and offers will be displayed in platforms:

  1. Product name;
  2. Vendor name;
  3. Product description;
  4. Product logo;


In the new window product information should be entered as follows:


  1. Select language between English, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, German. To have the product information in different languages - choose English, fill in the form, select other languages e.g. Swedish, and fill in the form once again in the selected language;
  2. Custom ID – here choose to have automatic system generated ID or your own ID for better product management;
  3. Name – Product name that will be displayed in Catalog, this field is mandatory to be filled in;

         3.1. Earth signs  – fields that have Earth sign will give you the option to localize in the                         language you have  selected e.g. Norwegian;

  1. Description – Product description, we suggest having 2-3 sentences about the product; Description is the marketing copy used to describe a product's value proposition to potential customers, that will be displayed under the Product Name.
  2. Image – you can either Upload (5.1.) or enter http: link (publicly available) in the field

Note! Logo requirements: 1:1 ratio, preferably not bigger than 400x400px.

      6. Save – save product information;

Once you have saved a newly created product, go to tab Products & Offers, section Products to manage products – edit, create new Offers & Bundles:


Now that product is created, offer(s) should be added under the product.

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