Notification settings

Distributor Admin has the possibility (1) toggle all notifications sent out by the platform ON or OFF. Changes are applied immediately. Also, it's possible to edit notification recipients and reset them to default.  Go to "Settings" and choose Notification settings.  


 a. Selecting the "Edit" button next to the event will open the details view, where recipients are editable.



It is possible to add several TO, CC, and BCC recipients for each notification.

c. TO recipient is mandatory.

d. CC and BCC are optional.

It is possible to change who receives the notification in each case by specifying TO, CC, and BCC contacts using recipients:
1. Organization contact (e.g., Primary contact).
2. All users of a certain role (e.g., all Account Managers).
3. Specific platform user.
4. Completely custom email address. 

b. Selecting the "View" button next to the event will open the details view, where recipients are not editable. 



Seller admins can change their sender name and email address so that they can match sender details for emails sent from the platform to all other communication they send to partners & customers.

Go to "Settings" and choose Notification settings. 

If a valid Send with us account key is added as an ESP key, notifications are sent from that account instead of the default account.


It is possible to translate the notifications into another language. Currently, translations can be done by submitting a support request. It is important to note that each Reseller under the Distributor inherits the translated notification templates unless the Reseller has its own custom-set notification templates. In that case, the custom set of templates will be used for notifications. 

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