Setting for starting invoice status

Users with access to Settings can see Invoicing tab as the first tab in Settings/Currency & payments:


The seller can select the following Starting outgoing invoice status:

New (default) - you can add corrections before issuing your invoices
Verified - you cannot add corrections, but can issue invoices manually (e.g. on a specific day)
Issued - all invoices are issued automatically as soon as available, with no corrections

Users must click the Save button to apply changes, or select the Cancel to discard them and reset the selection on the page.

Vendor who never wants to verify outgoing invoices before issuing them to partners is able to set  starting invoice status to "Issued", so that they are immediately made available to all partners.

When an invoice is created, it's created in the status configured as the starting status for the tenant.

Note! Changing configuration has no effect on historical invoices

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