How to distinguish between NCE and non-NCE offers?

In Subcribtion tab there is a tag next to the Subscription name indicating whether it is NCE offer or no.

If you already have the subscription open, click on offer.

1)NCE offer will have fields Term Duration and Billing Cycle, where Legacy offer will have only the Billing Cycle


2)Legacy offer will also include field called Unit price



When looking at the product catalogue, you can easily distinguish NCE offers from non NCE by looking at the icon. All NCE offers have "NCE" written on the upper left corner of Microsoft icon. See the examples below.

NCE offer: 


non NCE offer:


How to distinguish between offers by contract type?

Open Invoice section and look at the contract type. "Azure Plan & One time"  contracts are for NCE offers.


How to distinguish between offers in Invoices?

Open Invoice section and choose any invoice you would like to verify


Once you have the invoice details, slide the ruler to the right side till "Vendor offer ID". For NCE offers the vendor reference number starts with capital or lower case "CFQ". 


!Note if you do not see "Vendor offer ID" tab, it can be enabled on the upper right corner of invoice view

mceclip3.png mceclip4.png

How to distinguish NCE offers in Subscription report?

Subscription report contains filters to distinguish NCE offers from non-NCE. If "Is NCE" tab record displays "true", the selected offer is NCE. You can filter the subscriptions on the left side in "Microsoft NCE" section.



How to distinguish between offers while using "Search" in catalogue?

At the moment there are situations where duplicate offer names appear in the search results as one of them is NCE and the other is non-NCE. This is because the product names are imported from Microsoft directly and the titles are not distinguishable. This situation is going to solve itself in few months once the all the legacy offers will be discontinued. In meantime we are preparing a workaround to amend the situation - tags will be added to the product names. Follow the product releases to not to miss this update!


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